About Emcartago


EMCARTAGO E.S.P, provides public services of aqueduct, sewerage and energy, providing continuity, quality and coverage; committed to sustainable development, contributing to the well-being of our users.

Company Vision

EMCARTAGO E.S.P for the year 2020, will be a leading company, recovery model with business autonomy, broad social sense and committed to the environment

Quality Politics

We commit ourselves to carry out the management of our processes, under a management style framed in quality guidelines and continuous improvement, with a qualified human talent, technological resources and infrastructure adapted to the needs and financial capacity; acting under legal guidelines and social responsibility, attending in a timely manner the requirements of our users.

Quality objectives

  1. Develop a style of business leadership, based on planning and obtaining results, working as a team, striving to achieve a level of commitment among all employees.
  2. The provision of energy services, aqueduct and sewerage in an efficient manner and establish monitoring mechanisms that allow taking improvement actions.
  3. Permanently train human talent to have qualified and competent personnel.
  4. Develop the infrastructure of the physical and technological plant according to the financial capacity and in harmony with the growth of the city.
  5. Comply with legal requirements in a way that meets the needs of users in the provision of services.
  6. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) based on ethical values ​​and transparency principles that include a strategy of continuous improvement and benefit its own workers, their families, the social and environmental environment.
  7. A good service to our users.
  8. Guarantee the financial soundness of the organization.